Shannon Gilmartin, CMT

“Along with the excellent knowledge in both theory and practice, Shannon has a unique quality of all instructors- has the patience and skills to attend to each student’s needs and makes sure that the material presented was understood, and will be carried on in practice in an easy flowing way to be remembered,  I am deeply grateful for taking this class. Thank you.”

“Hands down the course was the most informative, fun, interesting and worthy I’ve taken yet as an LMT.  Shannon I can’t thank you enough as you made this class!”

“Shannon Gilmartin, CMT is an exceptional educator.  I learned so much in a comfortable and safe environment.”

Stacie Nevelus

“I love Stacie’s personality and energy. The excitement she has for the modality is such a joy and it is infectious. I loved the easy rapport that developed almost immediately among the members of our group. The BEST seminar I have ever taken.”

“Stacie”s enthusiasm, belief and passion for this modality made it a fun and extremely comprehensive workshop! I have used massage cupping off and on over the past 18 months but I now consider myself to be more knowledgeable and a more capable practitioner.”

“Stacie was wonderful, enthusiastic and made learning fun.  She is very detail oriented and works hands on.  I was able to retain so much information from this workshop.”