MAY, 2022. VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA Magnets and Therapeutic Cupping with Shannon Gilmartin, CMT (Copy)


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INSTRUCTOR: Shannon Gilmartin, CMT

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Cupping Massage & Bodywork
One-Day Course

PREREQUISITES: Fundamentals of Modern Cupping Therapy & Therapeutic Cupping for Lymph Drainage courses

  • $250 Early Registration / $275 Regular Tuition (within 30 days of start date)
  • Tuition includes one (1) set of micro-magnetic cups
  • 7 CEU hours

This course offers:

  • Education in the theory behind magnetic therapies
  • Safety & contraindications about using magnets on the body
  • Applications for therapeutic usage (including injury & pain management)
  • Learn local, regional and full body applications
  • Instruction on using micro-magnetic cups

About the Instructor

Shannon Gilmartin, CMT, author of The Guide To Modern Cupping Therapy

Shannon Gilmartin, CMT, is a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist (2000), certified vacuum therapies practitioner (2004) and educator (2008). In addition to her focus in therapeutic cupping, she has over 15 years of experience in therapeutic bodywork, including: medical massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular, craniosacral, soft tissue injury rehabilitation, Thai massage and visceral manipulation. She has taught all over the States and abroad and she practices in Virginia Beach.

Shannon has authored ‘The Guide to Modern Cupping Therapy: A Step-by-Step Source for Vacuum Therapies,’been published in Massage Today, Massage Magazine, and online interviews with ‘Bodywork Buddy.’

Shannon is also very passionate about her work with charitable organizations, including Global Healthworks Foundation, Homes of Hope Orphanage system, and Surfers Healing.



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