[JANUARY 26, 2024 SARASOTA, FL] MCT for pathology & scar tissue with Stacie Nevelus


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Cupping Massage & Bodywork

INSTRUCTOR: Stacie Nevelus

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Cupping Massage & Bodywork
One-Day Course

PREREQUISITES: Fundamentals of Modern Cupping Therapy & Therapeutic Cupping for Lymph Drainage courses

  • $200 Early Registration / $225 Regular Tuition (within 30 days of course date)
  • 7 CEU hours

This course offers:


  • Education in the methods of client evaluation and assessment for safe and effective usage of therapeutic cupping
  • Discussion and analysis of various pathological conditions, including fibromyalgia, diabetes, and pulmonary conditions.

Scar Tissue:

  • Education in the various types of scar tissue and responses to therapeutic cupping
  • Practical applications of therapeutic cupping for scar tissue

About the Instructor

Stacie is a licensed massage therapist in Florida (1999), certified vacuum therapies practitioner (2005) and educator (2009).  She has specialized in therapeutic and sports massage applications and became certified in Neuromuscular therapy. She has taught all over the States and abroad and she practices in Florida.

Stacie has become known as a specialist in acute and chronic injuries as well as working with competing and professional athletes.  Stacie has worked with many athletes ranging from world ranked tennis professionals, triathletes, national and Olympics runners, MLB and NFL players all while integrating the wonders of Modern Cupping Therapy.  Integrating Modern Cupping Therapy into treatment sessions has been an amazing addition to her practice, continuously yielding incredible results.

Stacie was featured in Massage Magazine in October 2012 issue for Best Practices.  She has also published many articles in Massage Today and Massage Message.  Stacie brings her passion for bodywork and Modern Cupping Therapy to the table and the classroom.


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