About Stacie Nevelus

Stacie Nevelus is a licensed massage therapist in Florida since February 1999. She has specialized in therapeutic and sports massage applications and became certified in Neuromuscular therapy. In 2005, she learned Massage Cupping Therapy and since became a Certified Massage Cupping Educator for ACE. She has become known as a specialist in acute and chronic injuries as well as working with competing and professional athletes. Stacie has worked with many athletes ranging from world ranked tennis professionals, triathletes, national and Olympics runners and MLB and NFL players all while integrating the wonders of VacuTherapies. Integrating this therapy into a treatment either alone or with various therapies, has been an amazing addition yielding incredible results. Stacie was featured in Massage Magazine in October 2012 issue for Best Practices. She has also published articles in Massage Today and Massage Message. Stacie brings her passion for bodywork and VacuTherapies to the table and the classroom.
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