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Elevate your skills, enhance your client benefits, and be more productive in each bodywork session with Modern Cupping Therapy.

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Learn Expert Techniques

Earn CE Credits

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Get Client Results

Therapeutic Cupping

Deeper Work,
Less Discomfort

With skillful technique and safe practices, therapeutic cupping bodywork can increase circulation, release fascial and muscular adhesions and improve range of motion. Modern Cupping Therapy education gives a practitioner:

  • Flexibility & creativity in their work
  • More information for enhanced client assessments
  • Greater depth of efficacy without heavy compression
  • More productive session time with clients

Get impactful results without the constant positive pressure!

More than just CEUs

Cupping Therapy Education focused on Safety, Science, & Strategy

At Modern Cupping Therapy Education Company, it’s about learning cupping therapy in a way that enables you to deliver cupping services SAFELY, CONFIDENTLY, and EFFECTIVELY.

Our hands-on experience and unique approach to cupping therapy education and certification has earned board approval for the widest variety of professional bodyworkers.

Board Approved Provider for:

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Athletic Trainer Board Approved CE Provider Badge
NCCAOM Professional Development Approved Provider
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Modern Cupping Therapy Education

Customize your training and craft your skillset for your practice

Based on the best-selling modern cupping therapy book on the market, our courses focus on safety, science, strategy & client-specific assessments. Our courses exist to provide the most balanced and encompassing education for those who have used cups for years or for the person touching a cup for the first time during our workshops.

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Introductory MCT Courses

Fundamentals of Modern Cupping Therapy (2-Day) &
Therapeutic Cupping for Lymph Drainage (TCLD, 1-Day)

MCT shares a science-based, clinical perspective of cupping therapy and its effects on the body, taught through instruction and in-class, guided practice. Incorporate cupping practices into your daily routines to create comprehensive care for your clients with safe techniques and high-quality cupping equipment included.

Full MCT Cupping Certification

Multi-Day Course with Board Approved Certification (4-day)

Gain an understanding of evaluating the person, not just the condition when applying therapeutic cupping into treatment plan(s). Learn how to integrate cups safely into your bodywork practice with regional approaches, full body applications, or lymphatic sequences. Addressing not just the soft tissue of the body but also effecting the body systems (digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, and more) with optional applications.

Includes Fundamentals, TCLD, and MCT of Pathology and Scar Tissue, and 3 sets of cupping equipment for all course content.

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Advanced MCT Courses

Techniques to serve athletes, injuries, spa applications and deep tissue

Take Modern Cupping Therapy to the next level! Expand your knowledge, application, and effectiveness with these advanced courses created to serve advanced practitioners. Enhance your techniques to work with specialized clientele to better address their needs from dealing with injury to improving appearance to effectively using magnets to facilitate change in pain patterns and disrupting repetitive motion syndrome.

Why Choose MCT

for your Therapeutic Cupping Education

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Safety First
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Clinically Proven
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Industry Experience
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Our Philosophy

At Modern Cupping Therapy Education Company, we teach a bit differently. Our courses are based on science, safety, and our years of experience practicing cupping in our own clinical practices.

Our mission is to educate; to teach others how to use cupping techniques safely and to their greatest efficacy, to help people get their lives back and enjoy the activities they love.

Our goal is to build confidence in cupping bodywork. No matter the professional designation, our objective is to build upon your existing skills by providing in-class, hands-on practice with protocols designed to effectively bring the benefits of cupping to your bodywork practice.

We’re not just teachers; we’re daily bodyworkers who want to share our knowledge.

If you’re looking for an environment to learn, practice, and experience quality education from real-life experts in the industry, then Modern Cupping Therapy Education Company is the right choice for you!


Want to Know More about Cupping Therapy?

From education to certification,
MCT is here to help

Choose your path and enhance your practice with skill and passion to better serve client needs while creating career longevity.

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Lauren Lane Portrait

Lauren Lane


With a background in structural and postural restoration, Lauren is an advocate of using cupping therapy to aid in myofascial release and lymphatic therapy. This allows her to work with patients who need the deep tissue work in a way that is much more comfortable. Her extensive knowledge and ability to explain complex topics in a relatable way paired with her enthusiasm for teaching makes her an ideal instructor. She also is a speciality in Temporomandibular disorders (TMDs), where the majority of her clients come to her for help with jaw pain and discomfort.

Stacie Nevelus Portrait

Stacie Nevelus

LMT, CNMT, Modern Cupping TherapyE/P, CECP

A specialist in therapeutic and sports massage applications, Stacie has become known as a specialist in acute and chronic injuries, and has expanded that knowledge through her work with elite and professional athletes in the MLB and NFL, as well as world-ranking professionals and Olympians. As a result of her expertise, Stacie has been featured often in industry publications, and conducted a number of appearances on TV and radio to help educate others on the benefits of cupping in sports therapies.

Shannon Gilmartin's Portrait

Shannon Gilmartin


Shannon Gilmartin, CMT, co-founding owner of Modern Cupping Therapy Education Company, is a Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Modern Cupping Therapy Practitioner and Educator, and Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Practitioner. In addition to her focus in cupping bodywork, she has over twenty years of experience in bodywork, including: manual lymph drainage, medical massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular, craniosacral, soft tissue injury rehabilitation, Thai massage, and visceral manipulation. She has taught all over the United States and abroad, including Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, and Puerto Rico (US). Shannon owns a private practice in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.

Shannon has authored the Modern Cupping Therapy series, including ‘The Guide to Modern Cupping Therapy: A Step-by-Step Source for Vacuum Therapies,’ ‘Easy Facial Cupping at Home,’ and ‘Face and Body Cupping: A Step-by-Step Guide to Lymph Drainage for Professional Cosmetic Rejuvenation, Cellulite Reduction and Contouring.’ Shannon has been published in several magazines, been interviewed on several platforms, lectured at sports medicine conferences, and hosted online webinars.

Shannon is also very passionate about her work with charitable organizations, including Global Healthworks Foundation, Homes of Hope Orphanage system, and Surfers Healing.

Searching for a Cupping Certification?

Focus on the FULL MCT Certification Course

Discover the truly dynamic potential of therapeutic cupping and earn a certification in cupping therapy. While cupping therapies have existed worldwide throughout time, Modern Cupping Therapy offers education in the theory, safety, and practical application of vacuum therapies for the non-invasive (no bleeding or ‘wet’ cupping), therapeutic usage of cups.

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Fundamentals of Modern Cupping Therapy

2-day Course
12.5-14 CEUs*

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Therapeutic Cupping for Lymphatic Drainage

1-day Course
6.25-7 CEUs*

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MCT for Pathology & Scar Tissue

1-day Course
6.25-7 CEUs*

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Modern Cupping Therapy Full Certification

Want more detailed info about our Introductory Courses? Click the titles of each to get more info.
*CEUs vary by profession and state. Please confirm that your board will accept the CEUs before registering for a course.

New to Modern Cupping Therapy Education Co?

Start with our Introductory Courses

Providing an excellent cupping therapy service for your clients begins with understanding the science and the safety of using therapeutic cupping in your bodywork. Each student of MCTEC starts with our introductory courses to ensure that everyone knows the science and practices the safety in accordance with our standard. Everyone starts here.

To take any additional MCT courses, practitioners must complete Fundamentals of Modern Cupping Therapy and Therapeutic Cupping for Lymph Drainage OR our 3-day Combination Course.

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2-day Course
12.5-14 CEUs*

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3-day Course
18.75-21 CEUs*

Want more detailed info about our Introductory Courses? Click the titles of each to get more info.
*CEUs vary by profession and state. Please confirm that your board will accept the CEUs before registering for a course.